4 Options for Home Buyers to Buy a House Without Mortgage



Investing in property market is the most preferred way of saving money for people in UK. They prefer property investment to secure their later part of life from the financial point of view more than share market investment.  For this purpose, they attend a couple of property investment seminars and learn about the best practices of buying a house at property auctions.

But it is not possible to buy a residence just because you have attended a couple of property investment seminars and learnt some best property investment practices prior to attending auctions. There are a lot of more things that an investor must learn before attending house auctions. For example:

  • Types of Mortgage
  • The Type of Investment Properties for Sale up for Grabs at Auction.
  • How to Get Mortgage Approval.
  • Property Investment Financing Options.

The list of things to be learnt before investing in property is certainly not limited to the things mentioned above.

Buying a house using mortgage is a very handy option. However, taking out a mortgage is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some investors cannot afford a mortgage. If you are also one them, how will you buy a house at London property auctions without a mortgage?

This is a serious question. But there is an answer to this question as well. Take a look below:

  • Live Off One Income.
  • Utilize Equity Lying In Your Current Residence.
  • Get an Investor for Bearing the Expense.
  • Opt for Seller Financing.

Do you want to know how these four options can help you buy your dream home at property auctions in UK without taking out a mortgage? Call us right now and book your seats for our property seminars conducted in London to learn about it.


Why Lenders are Refusing Mortgage to Investors and Landlords

The UK is likely to introduce a new set of strict rules to govern Mortgage lending for landlords. This is worrying event for Santander, the biggest lender in UK. They are worried because these rules are going to cease lending to landlords having huge portfolios with trying to increase their borrowings for investing in property in UK.

Moreover, those who do not have sufficient bank balance for buying an investment property for sale at auction in London/UK will specifically find it difficult to get their investment financed because of these rules. In such a scenario, Lenders have to find out different approaches to be able to work with these landlords or investors. This is only going to add to paper work.

Some lenders do not have enough resources required to get this much workload completed. Perhaps, this is mainly why they have started refusing mortgages to some landlords and investors for investing in property investment opportunities.

All this is really turning out to be a situation full of confusion and complexities for lenders, Landlords and investors. This is where we can help you to a great deal. Just get in touch with us right now! Book your seat for our property investment seminars organised in London and rest of the UK and learn from the best practices from the very best in the business to deal with such situations.

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Why Did Some Property Buyers End Up Paying 3% Extra Stamp Duty Hike?

Stamp Duty Hike has affected or changed the way investors are buying investment properties for sale in UK. A lot of them exchanged contracts before the introduction of 3% extra Stamp Duty Hike on buying a second home. A lot of inexperienced buy-to-let property investors ended up paying 3% Extra Stamp Duty for buying second residential property.

As for reason, they did not know the following things in this regard:

If you bought property and exchanged contracts prior to 25th November 2015 – the beginning of the Autumn Statement’s delivery- you did not need to pay the increased Stamp Duty. You did not need to bother about it even if your contract completed after 1st April.

Only those who bought properties and exchanged contracts after the Autumn Statement delivery and completed everything later then 1st April were to pay this increased tax rate for buying second residential property at house auctions in UK.  

If you are also seeking answers to any such questions then you need to get in touch with us right now. Our team of experienced market professionals will answer all of your queries related to your property investment made through property auctions in UK.

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3 Questions All Buy-to-Let Investors Must Ask Their Property Agents in London about Stamp Duty


Stamp Duty is a curveball for many new buy-to-let investors. Little knowledge about Stamp Duty can make it very difficult for them to buy investment properties for sale in UK. For second home buyers, Stamp Duty is a ghost that scares them in their dreams as they are bound to pay additional 3% Stamp Duty. This rule was implemented back in April 2016.

Therefore, you must know the following things related to it:

  • Shall you have to pay the increased Stamp Duty even if you have already exchanged contracts before it came in effect?
  • Will the first home buyers have to pay 3% Extra Stamp Duty if they seek out mortgage jointly with someone else and get him/her named jointly on the title deeds?
  • Will you be able to offset the cost against your eventual CGTB (Capital Gains Tax Bill) when it comes to selling the property at house auctions?

Many people are searching answers to these vital questions. If you are also one of them then just get in touch with The Buy2let Shop right now. We have an experienced team of experts closely watching the property market.

8 Vital Questions Property Owners Must Ask to Their Financial Advisors About Lifetime Mortgages


Property owners have to be very clear in-terms of their strategy for taking out lifetime mortgage. If needed, you should ask questions to your financial advisor for making your buy-to-let property for sale work and earn you money. Such an approach will not only help you learn important things about Lifetime mortgage but also helps you avoid possible risks associated with it.

Here is the list of important questions you must ask your financial advisor prior to taking out Lifetime Mortgage:

  • Will you be able to transfer the scheme after you move home?
  • What will happen after your death soon after you take out the scheme?
  • What will be effects of your scheme on benefits you are provided by your state or local authority?
  • What will be the fees for repaying the loan? For example, after three or four years of period.
  • Will you be considered qualified for the grants to pay for home repairs or alterations?
  • Will you be able to use this money for buying a house at auctions in London?
  • What kind of situation does this scheme will put in-front of you because you are using the property for carrying on your Living?
  • What if the actual worth of your residential investment property for sale is not as much as you end up owing?

These are 8 very important questions that property owners must ask to their financial advisors before taking out Lifetime Mortgage.

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The Property Investor and Homebuyer Show Returns


6th and 7th October 2017 are going to be very special for property sellers and buyers in the UK. The Property Investor and Homebuyer Show is coming back. It is the largest and longest running property show.  A lot of UK based and International property is going to be on display this time.

On these two specific days, all of the first time home buyers and sellers will meet many experienced sellers and investors and a lot of residential property professionals under one roof. This huge property seminar in London will be a great opportunity for new sellers and buyers to learn something new.

You just need to get yourself registered for this show and produce your ticket at the Eastern Entrance, Prince Regent DLR to be the part of this property investment seminar in London. Once you book your ticket successfully, you will get Quick Guide (worth £5.00) free upon arrival. Your entry to all of the seminar program sessions will also be free of cost. Therefore, you are advised to book your ticket right away because seats for the show are limited. You are also advised to be at entrance 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the show to make sure you do not miss anything.

2 UK Property Investment Market Positives

buying and selling

Property investment market is subject to changes worldwide. This is why all property investors have to be on their toes all the time. A lot of factors like Brexit, Stamp Duty Hike, Mortgages etc. are now impacting the UK property market. This is really forcing new investors to think twice before investing in the property market in UK. Higher taxes are forcing foreign buy-to-let investors to stay away from investment in UK property, says a report published in The Telegraph.

  • According to a Property Investor Today report, almost 17% more foreign investors are now buying a house at auction for income purpose in London.
  • Moreover, the interest of Asian investors in investment properties in London is really helping the UK property market to keep the impact of Brexit at an arm’s length.

This is why a lot of experienced property investors are now seen encouraging UK investors for investing in UK property. These are really some signs for UK property market and investors in the time to come. Timely investment will really help them make a lot of money.

Call us right now and we will help you buy property that will bring you financial wealth.

How Buy-to-let Property Investment in UK can Still be Profitable for You

The buy2let property market in United Kingdom faced a tax crackdown. This was one of the main reasons why most amateur property investors pulled themselves out of the deals during the Brexit period. However, a lot of people still consider property investment in UK as the safest thing to secure their future from a financial point of view when the bank interest rates is almost equal to peanuts and the stock market is unstable.

A lot of investors were against the recent tax changes because they will have to pay extra stamp duty for investing in buy to let property in UK. It simply means that investors will no longer find buy-to-let investment as a medium to offset all buy-to-let mortgage interests against income tax.

This is something that all investors must know about prior to buying a house at auctions. However, experts still advise new investors like you to opt for buy-to-let property investment in the UK because it is still profitable even if you no longer find it suitable for investment for increasing/improving returns on property that you are already the owner of.

Do you want to know how? Get in touch with us to find out more.

7 Things Investors Should Learn About Before Buying a House at Auction



So you are thinking about buying a newly built house at property auctions. Right? Investing in property via auctions does not benefit investors just because they know to bid or what type of property to bid on. All property investors have to keep a lot of things in mind while/before bidding on a residential investment property for sale. For example:

  • How to target the right developers and tenants
  • The mode of payments
  • Also check what happened to those who invested in plots sold before you.
  • Development of an investment plan.
  • At times, discount is bait.
  • Also consider the pros and cons of the property you are interested to bid on during the auction.
  • Prior to investing in property, you should attend a free seminar and do your homework.

You can go to any experienced property investment agent in London and they will give these tips. Acting on these tips will help you make profitable investments and avoid losses. If needed, you will also be able to get out of bad deals.

These tips are offering just a small part of a larger picture. If you really want to seek all the benefits then attend our property investment seminars in London and the rest of the UK.


3 Vital Terms to Know Before Buying a House at Auctions

Are you thinking about buying a house at auction in the UK?  Before proceeding with your plan, you should know about the following three things:

  • What exactly a house auction is:

House auctions are a public event used as a medium to sell or buy residential properties. A lot of houses go under the hammer at residential property auctions. You have to be very careful and strategic while bidding on a house that you are interested to buy in.

  • The Guide Price in Auctions:

Before you attend London property auctions, it is important that you know about the guide price at auctions. It is the minimum amount of money that the original owner of the property will accept as the winning bid during the auction. It is a way to prevent investors from buying property at auction at lower price than the owner of the property will accept.

  • Reserve Price at Auctions:

This is somewhat different from the reserve price in an auction. It is the minimum acceptable price of the residential investment property for sale below which the seller/owner is not allowed to sell. It could be easily 10% or even 15% more than the guide price of property. It remains as a top secret between sellers and auctioneers. They do not prefer disclosing it.

Thinking about residential property at auctions in UK? Attend our property seminars and learn about such important things before proceeding with your investment plans.